Computer VisionComputer Vision Syndrom

The person who 24 hours sits besides computer and do work with tension on their mind can suffer from COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME.The person who is engaged with information technology field is surely to suffer from this syndrome today or in near future.When we site very near to the computer screen to see small letters total 6 main muscles of eyes out 7 will work.It means 25% of brain energy will go in seeing.This cause negative effects on us and our eyes will start paining.In a normal person blink eyes 20 times per minute.But persons doing computer work blinks eyes only 8 times per minute.Means there is a decrease of 50% in blinking of eyes.

There are some ways according to experts to get rid of Computer Syndrom:

1) There should be a minimum difference of 25 inch between eyes and computer.

2) If there is any light reflection coming on screen,clear that reflection.

3) Take small break every 20 minutes after starting work on computer.Keep eyes near windows.It will give rest to eye muscles.

4) Keep blinking eyes so that i will not become dry.

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