Cancer is one of the deadly disease all over the world. In Most cases Treatments are not available and patient may even lose the life. There are many types of Cancer which can occur in a Human Body like Mouth Cancer, Throat Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer Etc. And if any of the Cancer is found in a Human Body there are many stages after which a person may die if at an early stage treatment is not taken. Cancer Treatments are too costly many people may not afford it. Here in this post we will be talking about Breast Cancer which occurs in Women. There are in Total 4 Stages of Breast Cancer. In this 4 Stages, 2 Stage has sub-stage A and B while Stage 3 has sub-stage A,B,C and D. It is very necessary to take early treatment for Breast Cancer at an early stage only. There are many Hospitals Worldwide giving treatments for different types of Cancer and Cancer Stages. Here we are now talking in detail about Different Stages of Breast Cancer. Hope my readers will find it useful.The Following Cancer Stage is based on Size of the tumor, whether the cancer is invasive or not or whether lymph nodes are involved or not or whether the Breast Cancer has spread till where or beyond the Breast.

The Main Reason why the system of Stage is necessary is to help and organize the different levels and factors and some of the personality features of the cancer into categories. Because of this categories, some of the benefits are :

1) Best understand the most likely outcome of the disease.

2) It guides the decisions of the treatments together with other parts of the pathology report.

3) It provides the common way to describe the disease of the breast cancer to doctors so that they can give best treatment to you.

Stage 0 –

Normally Stage 0 is count to describe non-invasive type of Breast Cancer like DCIS and LCIS. In this Stage, there is no evidence of the cancer cells from they started from which part of the Breast.

Stage 1 -

Stage 1 describes invasive breast cancer (cancer cells are breaking through to or invading neighboring normal tissue) in which:

- the tumor measures up to 2 centimeters, AND
- no lymph nodes are involved.

Stage 2 –

Stage 2 is divided into two sub-categories A and B.

Stage 2 A :

This stage describes Breast Cancer in which no tumor can be found in the breast but the cancer cells are found in the lymph nodes under the arm.

This stage is also describe of the the tumor measures 2 centimeters or less and has spread to the axillary lymph nodes.

Stage 2 B :

In this Stage :

- the tumor is larger than 2 but no larger than 5 centimeters and has spread to the axillary lymph nodes, OR
- the tumor is larger than 5 centimeters but has not spread to the axillary lymph nodes.

Stage 3 :

Stage 3 is divided into three Sub-Categories A,B and C.

Stage 3 A:

This stage is describe when the tumor is 5 centimeters or smaller and has spread to axillary lymph nodes that are clumped together or sticking to other structures.

Stage 3 B :

This Stage is described when :

- the tumor may be any size and has spread to the chest wall and/or skin of the breast AND
- may have spread to axillary lymph nodes that are clumped together or sticking to other structures, or cancer may have spread to lymph nodes near the breastbone
- Inflammatory breast cancer is considered at least stage IIIB.

Stage 3 C :

Stage 3 C is described when :

- there may be no sign of cancer in the breast or, if there is a tumor, it may be any size and may have spread to the chest wall and/or the skin of the breast, AND
- the cancer has spread to lymph nodes above or below the collarbone, AND
- the cancer may have spread to axillary lymph nodes or to lymph nodes near the breastbone.

Last Stage 4 :

Stage 4 is also considered as Metastatic at presentation or only Metastatic. Metastatic means the cancer has spread to other organs of the body — usually the lungs, liver, bone, or brain.

Doctors use a staging system to determine how far a cancer has spread. So that proper treatments can be given to the patient.

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