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The Love Between Deepika Padukone and the Jr Mallya, the son of Vijay Mallya its Siddharth Mallya. From last couple of months it is said they are in deep love may be true love and ofcourse they are caught at many places together. Deepika comes to watch each IPL 4 match of Royal Challengers Bangalore to cheer their team but lastly there was a love scene between Siddharth and Deepika when Royal Challengers Bangalore won last match and Siddarth became very excited. As soon as their team took the winning run Siddharth gave a tight lip lock kiss to Deepika who was sitting next to him. On Friday evening, Deepika tagged along with her latest boyfriend Siddharth to watch the Mallyas’ IPL team Bangalore Royal Challengers convincingly thrash Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders by nine wickets at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. This was the kissing scene like it was kissed by a married couples but this both are not married only in love and public kiss, thats really great.


In this picture you can see Siddharth Mallya, Deepika Padukone and Vijay Mallya cheering for Royal Challengers. Deepika Padukone has sealed her love for Kingfisher scion Siddharth Mallya with a kiss in an overtly public display of affection. Deepika is attending each and every match of IPL 4 with Siddarth Mallya to cheer their team to win the match. I think this couple kissed in public naturally or  was it a publicity stunt to be in news by this new couple? We cant say anything and main thing is there was no ashamed on both of their faces as did they kissed in public. So we can say it was the attraction point of view.


An ecstatic Siddharth tightly caught hold of the sultry Bollywood star to plant a fullmouthed kiss.

Deepika responded by clasping Siddharth in her arms and kissing back with equal fervour, even as TV cameras lapped up details of the open show of mush.

Siddharth’s father Vijay Mallya was in the seat next to the couple in the VIP stands but he was busy giving a standing ovation to his team out there in the field.

This in fact is not the first time that reports of Deepika and Siddharth lip-locking openly have done the rounds. Earlier this year when she was celebrating her birthday with her family in Copenhagen on January 5, Siddharth is believed to have surprised the Dum Maaro Dum item girl by flying all the way to Denmark to attend the party. So overwhelmed was Deepika that she kissed Siddharth even as her father, former badminton champion Prakash Padukone, watched.

In fact, her closeness to Siddharth over the past year or so has resulted in Deepika’s arch rival Katrina Kaif distancing herself from the Royal Challengers. Friday’s kiss also puts to rest rumours doing the round that Deepika’s affair with Siddharth is close to going bust. So Lets hope for the best that Deepika is not a use and throw for Siddharth.

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    i don’t understand what kind of hard work and achievement the author is talking about…. At first, i thought he(Sid Malaya) has opened any personal company,, But after reading the whole article i got very disappointed that what the author wants to figure out by publishing all this,,,,,,, many dislikes.

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